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The South African National Addiction Psychology Professionals is non profit voluntary organisation established to enable South Africans to find and access qualified local mental health professionals that deal with addiction related disorders. Founded in 2018 SANAPP Outreach programme extends nation wide in collaboration with Relapse Prevention South Africa in an effort to accumulate both insights and feedback and referrals network dedicated to helping us achieve massively reduced effects of substance use disorders in South Africa.

SANAPP is an independent non-profit volunteer run organisation and all professionals contributing to our projects are under no obligation to our cause. Our intent is to open source and make accessible insights from our volunteers across South Africa.

If you would like to contribute categories, content or insights to this initiative. Please feel free to reach out to our organisers.

Mental Health Professionals

Registration and membership on the SANAPP website is free subject to qualifying to ensure that individuals using our website find best possible treatment outcomes.